The Things You People Put Me Through 1998​-​2005

by ☠DJ4AM☠ & Friends!!!

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Original 2005 liner notes (minus the typos):

My dad said he played my album for his neighbors and they really liked it, they said it reminded them of something Enigma or Enya would do...fuck
Hi, my name is Jason Chavez...I've been writing, producing, playing records and trying to find my voice for half of my life now. Through the years I've had the opportunity to make music and play across the US and in Europe with some incredible people, many of them are on this disc. For some reason I felt it was necessary to look at where I've been in order for me to move I'm trying to charge people for it...awesome. So, here's my past, it's been really surreal, the future promises to be even more so...

1. BABY (1998 demo) this was the first track I had ever released on anything, it definitely sounds that way, but it's pretty.
2. WE LIVE IN FRESNO, BABY (1999 demo) aaah, the first spoken word piece recorded in my friend "get it on with" Taron Barefield's basement where someone had drawn pictures of naked native american stick figure women with huge boobs on the walls with brown chalk, it was left off of a compilation because I "dissed" a potential sponsor.
3. KFSR DROP sorry, i think i'm funny
4. THE LEAVES FALL FROM THE VERY TREES THAT ONCE HELD THEM this is the original version of the first track on my solo album "Sex, Darwinism & the Jungles of Hades."
5. 924 HETHAN ROAD this is some new shit, i don't know if it's good but at this point i've stopped caring about critics.
6. BLUES FOR DARKENED CORRIDORS one of the instrumentals from the Octavius.4am "Electric 3rd Rail E.P." released in 2001? I forget, anyway, John Wilson played theremin on this cut and basically made me feel like i had potential, I miss that guy.
7. THE WHOLE TOWN'S SLEEPING one of my favorite cuts from my solo rekkid, the shit's pretty son, i cry dog, word.
8. IN DA CLUB i've been lucky in that Billy Jam thinks i'm worth a damn, he gave me an opportunity to make a political statement alongside peeps like Mr. Lif and Public Enemy (the greatest rap group to ever exist)...I cringe when I hear it. It was this piece that afforded me the opportunity to do spoken word at a Dennis Kucinich political rally, surreal, he was pretty cool, he probably made too much sense to get elected.
9. PEEK-A-BOO a track from the as-yet unreleased Dopestyle/4am collaboration "Fool's Pool," my man Chester is ill kid, he says ya-hoo on this shit.
10. ENTER MY SANDMAN some bug out shit me and Chester did for the "Fool's Pool" album, it may never end up on anything official, this shit is crazy.
11. FUCKED UP AND READY TO DIE aww man, now this shit is a cover of a song by Darkthrone, security came to my building while Chester was doing his vocab, they thought we were killing someone, I remember I opened the door and Chester was screaming and shit and the security guard looked in at him, then at me all deadpan and said: "he's gonna have to stop that."
12. THE DAYZ (DOGZ'N'NCATZMIX) this is a remix I did for my homie from Tacoma: Eliot Lipp, he's got a great album out on the Eastern Development label, y'all should peep dat, anyway, more of me tryin' to rhyme, if it's any help, I was deathly sick when I wrote and recorded these vocals... and it's not me calling the bartender a faggot, it was some crazy girl that came into the Arrow bar one sunday when I was playing there.
13. THE GUN this might be my favorite thing I produced for Octavius, it was cut from their "Audio Noir" album, we got Octavius on vocals and the man Geno Cruz on the guitar I snuck in a few back-up vocabs me-self, sometimes I hear the stuff I did with Octavius and wonder how anyone ever dug us, not that I think we were bad, it's just man, c'mon, this is our idea of a pop song.
14. DOPESTYLE1231 ON KZSU next to me, Chester is the funniest person I know.
15. FOOTSTEPS this was the hidden track on my solo project, I'm sure no one made it all the way through that shit so here it is again, the entire piece is made out of my voice, sorry, I'm jockin' myself.
16. LINEAR EXCURSION (LIVE FROM THE HEMLOCK IN SAN FRANCISCO 2002) I remember soundchecking my turntables for this show when some girl walked in, I let out a stab through the effects I was running, she looked like I had just stabbed her in the ear and ran out of the place, awesome. Whether we were good or bad, Octavius was always the rock n' roll spectacle, Will on the vocab, Geno Cruz on the guitar, me on the decks, MPC2000, theremin and backing vocals.
17. LIVE FROM THE AAH YEAH WINTER 2000 we used to do these poetry things back home in Fresno, this is one of the only ones we got on exists.
18. IT HASN'T STOPPED RAINING SINCE YOU LEFT (2000 demo) this track was left off of my album, it's just a little bug out piece made from snippets of John Wilson playing an arhu.
19. DOPESTYLE 1231 LIVE @ THE DNA LOUNGE 1/05 SNIPPET we opened for Kool Keith and Motion Man...tight.
20. MODERN CHAIRS (12" REMIX) yeah son, this is the hot club shit, Will did his vocal with sunglasses on and a cape made out of an old blanket (you can't tell anyone I told you that) it was night time, ummm...yeah, Octavius had a 12" out.
21 AIRLOCK...THE CRASH this is an edit of two pieces I made with Mike Sharp for the band Gryp, yup, I was a DJ in a christian band, SHUT UP FOOL WE WERE TIGHT!!!! I USED TO PLAY SERMONS BACKWORDS...AWWW FUCK YOU!!
22. KFSR DROP 2 more armchair philosophy
23. CHANGED IDEALS another piece that was left off of my solo album, if you have a deep knowledge of Fresno bands you'll know who I'm dissin' in the intro...word.
24. SPEED LIMIT (12" VERSION) the b-side to the Octavius "Modern Chairs" single, the version on "Audio Noir" is a remix produced by my main man Dan Eras, this however is the O.G. shit, me and Will had a two day argument over the bridge of this song, these are some of my favorite lyrics Will ever wrote.
25. 4AM INTERVIEW ON KALX WITH BILLY JAM i put a track mark on the cd so you can skip l of this chit chat, i got to "freestyle" between Top.R and Tim Armstrong from Rancid...surreal.
26. THEALONE me and Chester have a surrealist hip-hop side project called The Dead Have Highways, we recorded an album's worth of material that will probably never come out, here's one of the songs...I like it a lot.
27. STARS FELL ON (INSERT YOUR HOMETOWN HERE) LAST NIGHT this is one of the instrumentals Chester rhymes to on The Dead Have Highways, I sing on it...and whistle.
28. THE ROOM...EXOTIC PLACES SHE'S NEVER BEEN TO this is a bug out scratch piece that Dave Paul was nice enough to put on "Return of the DJ v5.5" (internet only dog) combined with a poem I wrote about my mother on her birthday about something that happened on my birthday, I always seem to write about my mother on her birthday.
29. THE WALL the most brutal piece on the "Electric 3rd Rail E.P." It's funny now to think that this was us trying to make a hip-hop record, but all of this shit is hip-hop to me. I still can't believe Gary put this shit out.
30. SOFTLY this will soon be a Chester song, but this dirty assed too bassy demo version is mine, i think it's pretty.
31. THE MOVEMENT this is a remix i did for DJ Zeph and Azeem, it was on the Wide HIve Remixed compilation right before a house track, I'm still surprised they used this can you follow the apocalypse with a Kaskade remix?
32. LEO1234AM I jacked this track from a demo my man Leo123 sent me, his shit is dope, you gotta grab inspiration whenever it rears its homely head...when I was a kid my friends said I looked like Matthew Broderick. (Hey Leo, sorry I jacked your beat).
33. ARTIFICIAL SPARKS OF THE ELECTRICAL STRIPPING this is an instrumental I did for the Octavius "Audio Noir" album, I didn't name it.
34. FOR A THOUSAND HOURS this is Autumn's song, I just made noise behind her voice, it makes me sad.


released November 27, 2015

Features Jason Nevermind, MC Dopestyle, Octavius, John Wilson from Meat Beat Manifesto, Mike Sharp from Gryp, Geno Cruz, Eras, Taron Barefield, Eliot Lipp, Leo123, Autumn, Billy Jam, DJ Zeph & Azeem...

R.I.P. Jason Garcia & Anthony Marin



all rights reserved


☠DJ4AM☠ / The Vampire On A Pony Network San Francisco, California

Jason Patrick Chavez (DJ4AM) cut his teeth doing radio, poetry jams and DJing dive bars in Fresno, California during the 90's before moving to the Bay Area in 2001. Since then he has performed in Europe as well as across the USA. DJ4AM is formerly a member of Octavius, S.F. indy band Black Fiction and is currently a member of Dopestyle 1231, The Beta Macs and Opal Heights. d(>_<)b ... more

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