MPC )​)​) Mu​$​ic I Made In Fresno​.​.​. La​$​t Century (​(​( #BeatTape #Instrumental #HipHop

by ☠DJ4AM☠

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In 1998 I was making tape demos on a small Roland phrase sampler lent to me by this nice guy who played in a funk metal 311 esque kinda in it for the girls type band. He bought the thing so they could trigger samples during their songs when they played live. Shit like: "Bring it to daddy..." )))BrownChickenBrownCow((( cue screaming drunk blondes in a Fresno dive bar...

Anyway, I made a bunch of demos with this sampler, put 'em on the highest quality cassette I could find and gave the tape to Chrys Geringer, a fellow employee at Tower Records. Chrys ran a CD series called Cultivation on a label calle A Kick Produkt. Cultivation Vol.2 is popular with collectors because it features a band from Bakersfield called "Sex Art," fronted by Jonathan Davis from Korn.

Chrys was looking for tracks for Vol.4 (this was in 1998). He liked this song he called "Baby." The only thing, he needed it to sound more pro. So I called Musician's Friend, ordered an MPC2000, learned to use it in under a month and delivered my 1st ever MPC track (and it sounds like it). Oh, I also didn't eat for 6 months to pay for the thing, the payments were twice my monthly rent, at least, AND the shit was hard as fuck to learn, I almost threw the thing out the damn window a million times.

Anyway... I'm on Cultivation Vol.4... the rest of these tracks survived my MPC period somehow, through weird mp3's given out, found on old hard drives, etc. The original group of cuts were my 1st demo EP, only 1 copy existed. Recorded to mini disc in stereo and then dumped to CD by a Fresno dude on SSI for mental problems, he had a studio though, I could afford him, he had no idea what he was doing and almost burned his house down in the process... but yeah. Here it is... the material that predates The Octavius.4AM "Electric 3rd Rail" E.P. aka what's left of over 100 experimental demos.


released February 1, 2015



all rights reserved


☠DJ4AM☠ / The Vampire On A Pony Network San Francisco, California

Jason Patrick Chavez (DJ4AM) cut his teeth doing radio, poetry jams and DJing dive bars in Fresno, California during the 90's before moving to the Bay Area in 2001. Since then he has performed in Europe as well as across the USA. DJ4AM is formerly a member of Octavius, S.F. indy band Black Fiction and is currently a member of Dopestyle 1231, The Beta Macs and Opal Heights. d(>_<)b ... more

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